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  • We make start-ups and mid-market challengers famous - quickly.

  • We enhance the profile of some of the biggest brands on the planet.

  • We make your products and services tangible & believable.

  • We connect you to precisely the right targets.

  • We make you stand out in the crowd by delivering...


Europe's fastest growing technology PR specialist

Babel recognised in the World PR Report as one of the fastest growing European PR agencies and the fastest growing technology specialist.

Taking-off-with-BabelOPINION, SPEED & RESULTS

Babel is a 'brand journalism' agency focused on the technology, media and telecoms industries. We make technology start-ups and mid-market challengers famous and we enhance the profile of some of the largest technology brands on the planet.

Working with both business and consumer brands, we make products and services tangible and believable so that we can connect them to precisely the right destinations – in the traditional and online media, through social channels, via industry analysts and direct to customer. We do it quickly, thoroughly and expertly.

Babel makes your company stand out in the crowd by delivering three key things:


speed and


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Researching, Thinking, Designing, Creating, Delivering, Measuring, Rewarding

PR today requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Your audience, business or consumer, is absorbing information from a variety of sources - traditional print and broadcast media are still in the mix, direct one to one interaction has always made a difference and over the last few years, social channels and social media PR have become increasingly important. We find your audience, identify the buttons we need to press and build a bespoke programme of activity to make sure it happens.

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Client news

Panasonic Co-Create With YouTube Video Creators To Promote Its VIERA 4KTV

Tokyo, 23rdJuly 2014: Panasonic Corporation is launching an innovative new advertising campaign for its ultra-high definition VIERA 4KTV with original videos co-created by YouTube video creators from all over the world. The best videos were chosen by WIRED magazine and PANASONIC.


Examples of our work

  • We've helped to make Ruckus Wireless the hottest prospect in carrier and enterprise Wi-Fi. In just a few months the team have tripled the attention being paid to Ruckus by the important media.
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    Ruckus Wireless

  • Yes, it's a bank, but when the bank needed specialist advice on demonstrating expertise in the important technology, media & telecoms sectors, the bank came to Babel.
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  • When Philips needed a new approach to social media, one that actually produces results rather than promises, they came to Babel for creativity AND a return on their investment.
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  • Every now and again a single, small, idea is all it takes to build a highly successful campaign. Our furious fish ruffled a few feathers.
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    Fish of Fury



We are a group of people who love what we do and happen to be very good at it. You won't find a team that's better connected in the technology, media & telecoms sectors - we've worked with, and helped to create, some of the fastest growing brands in the market. If you have a niche or mass consumer market, or you need to a target a specific business audience, you should talk to us. We develop the strategy, the content, the tactical elements and the implementation to make sure your business objectives are met. Meet us...


We are always looking for talented people to join the Babel team at all levels.

If you are interested, pitch to us in the form you think most appropriate - we're looking for intelligence, creativity and experience. Show us what you've got!

We have current vacancies for consultants at senior account executive to account director level but there are a couple of prerequisites - you have to be able to think on your feet, to write really well and to communicate effectively in person and on the phone. Most of all you have to be happy working with a team with very high standards and a concentration on delivering on the investment our clients make. We are also looking for talented graduates and if that describes you, find out more and apply to our 2014 scheme here.

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